How Many Boats Are Sold at Boat Shows?


Boat shows are one of the best places to find out about different kinds of boats and their available options. You can also make a lot of business deals with different manufacturers here. The number of boats that are sold at these shows is very high. Most of the manufacturers have large sales during these shows in order to clear out their previous stock and to make room for the new models that they are introducing. If you are a boat dealer and want to know how many boats are sold at boat shows, then you should keep your eyes open for the manufacturers and dealers who have enough stock of the boats and other water vessels.

How many boats are sold at boat shows

If you are a new dealer, then it is quite natural for you to be very enthusiastic when you find out how many boats are available. But the question is how much sales are actually accomplished by dealers? How much of the boats that are displayed in the showrooms are actually sold to dealers? This can help you find out if you should buy a particular model or not.

Another important thing that you should ask is the average price of these boats. This will help you determine if the price of the boat you are interested in is worth your investment or not. If the dealer does not have any spare parts, you should consider buying from another dealer. There are lots of dealers out there who can provide you with good deals on spare parts and accessories. The most important factor is that you are able to compare the prices of the different dealers and find out which one can give you better service and which one is able to give you more profit. After the conclusion of multiple boat shows around the country, numbers in sales – not just in powerboats, but all boat classes – and attendance are reaching record highs at various locations, and both sales and attendance in others.

“We don’t anticipate attendance for the fall shows to be down compared to previous years,” says Paul Jacobs, president of the Annapolis Boat Shows, to be held in Maryland in October. “In fact, we’re confident attendance numbers may be at an all-time high. Our spring show [Bay Bridge Boat Show held in April] saw a 57% increase in attendance compared to the previous record in 2019. This show ran during a time when restrictions were still in place, masks were still mandated, social distancing was highly encouraged, and available vaccinations were limited.”

Getting the best deal. “Special boat show price” signs are seen at every show, and the discounted price can be significant. Dealers offer that price “while the show lasts.” But the reality is they want to sell boats, so they’ll hold that price for serious buyers who are ready to move.

“Boating has seen an increase in more diverse first-time boat buyers who are helping drive sales of more versatile smaller boats that provide a variety of boating experiences, from fishing to watersports,” says Frank Hugelmeyer, NMMA president. That bears out in which vessels are the hottest sellers:

  • Sales of personal watercraft (PWCs) were up 8% to 82,500 units in 2020. With accessible entry-level price points, personal watercraft are often considered a gateway to the boating lifestyle.
  • Sales of wakesport boats were up 22% to 13,600 units in 2020.
  • Sales of freshwater fishing boats and pontoon boats, often sought for their versatility and entry-level price points and accounting for 45% of new powerboats sold in 2020, were up 13% to 144,700 units.