Learning How to Navigate Coastal Waters

Coastal Waterways, by definition, runs through inland bodies of water, which is the case for most coastal bodies of water in the United States. There are some exceptions, including parts of the states of Hawaii and New England, which technically do not meet this criterion. While most run through inland bodies of water, channel markers (and other devices) are used to help people navigate through these waters so that they may avoid or be better prepared for emergency situations that may occur. As such, it is important for boaters to have access to information about natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, and other natural disasters that may impact the coast.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS), also known as global navigation aids, are used by many boaters today to navigate coastal waters. A GPS unit can be a very valuable tool for boating enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of the water without the added effort and worry of navigating their boat on land. However, most people who purchase GPS systems never use them for their trips more than twice because they get so frustrated with the inaccuracy of the system that they give up using it altogether. In order to save time and frustration when navigating inland waters, people should learn how to navigate coastal waters using the Global Positioning System or GPS, which is commonly installed on boats and other watercraft. There is no need to purchase a separate GPS unit; in fact, most boating enthusiasts already own portable GPS devices that they use for emergencies.

The first two GPS units that can be used for this purpose are your phone or a fish finder that has a GPS. Both of these devices are used for various purposes, including locating fish and other sea life, locating where the nearest public or private dock is, determining your current location, plotting your course, and performing research on local sceneries and landmarks. Learning how to navigate coastal waters using a marine GPS/fishfinder or Wisemaker GPS/Fishfinder will not only help save valuable time and fuel but will also be a great way to teach kids about the importance of maps and navigation while out boating.